A greenhouse that creates the perfect balance between science and nature

December 11, 2018 | Custom Cannabis

For the thousands of medical patients across Canada who rely on medicinal cannabis on their path to wellness, there are regular concerns over consistency in quality. Growing medicinal cannabis, much like many other forms of agriculture, requires a balance between science and nature. Creating a perfect balance ensures plants achieve their maximum genetic potential and creates a consistent product that patients can rely on.

The goal of a perfect balance between science and nature is what inspired and formed the foundation of our purpose-built greenhouse, from the location it stands on to the innovative technology within.

Grown in Sunny Southern Alberta

When we decided on the location for our facility, it wasn’t only because Southern Alberta is home — Claresholm benefits from 330 days of bright sunlight every year, and our greenhouse is designed to capture it. Natural sunlight is important to achieve optimal plant health, as there are three main factors regarding light that affect plant growth: intensity, duration and spectrum. All plants on earth have evolved and optimized their photosynthetic processes based on the wavelengths and natural cycles of the sun. Indoor bunker-style growing relies on artificial light to mimic the benefits of the sun and balance these factors, but was born out of necessity to combat the restrictions of prohibition.

Despite the progression artificial light has made, it still pales in comparison to the unique makeup of the sun’s energy. When cost to grow is factored in, and your choices are a perfectly balanced natural and free source of energy, vs. a cost intensive and less desirable choice of energy, this choice is very simple. It’s part of the reason the most beautiful and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables we eat are grown by the light and warmth of the sun. There’s no substitute in both quality of the energy plants need to thrive and the low cost to grow. Building a greenhouse to harness the energy from the sunniest area in Canada made perfect sense.

The result of harnessing the power of the sun is cannabis that is both at the top of its genetic potential and affordable. The elimination of electricity and equipment costs related to artificial lighting reduces the end-cost along the value chain right to the patient.

An innovative, technology-based approach

Custom Cannabis is powered by nature and controlled by science. Our Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) greenhouse is designed for an innovative, technology-based approach to crop production. Controlling and monitoring all of the crop inputs in a sealed environment decreases the probability of pestilence and disease outbreaks. This allows for consistent, genetically superior crops.

Several technologies that are key to the hydroponic growing process, including light deprivation curtains, computer-controlled HVAC, as well as irrigation and environmental controls play a role in the greenhouse. Combining the power of nature with innovative scientific control methods allows for the production of bigger flowers to increase yield (driving down cost per sqft.) with prominent trichomes that include essential oils for medicinal benefit, and vibrant terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Better greenhouse, better bud.

A greenhouse designed to put patients first

The key to finding the right balance between nature and science is letting each bring out the best in the other. Nature is the most abundant source of free energy for agriculture in the world. All of the earth’s plants have evolved to have nature meet their needs. By using science to harness the power of nature (and not to mimic or replace that power) we’re able to achieve the ideal balance for crop growing. Creating the balance through a purpose-built greenhouse ensures the finest, most cost-effective and sustainable pharmaceutical grade cannabis in Canada. Patients often cite availability, quality, and cost as significant hurdles on their path to wellness. By using a state-of-the-art cultivation process designed to achieve maximum genetic potential time and time again, consistency and quality are no longer something patients hope for, they’re something patients can count on.


Our greenhouse and the cultivation process that happens within will change the way medicinal cannabis is grown and delivered to patients in Canada. And we think that’s a pretty amazing thing.